Security information & event management

Security information & event management

A comprehensive cybersecurity solution that provides centralized visibility into an organization's security posture ensuring robust protection against evolving cyber threats.

Security information & event management

What is SIEM ?

Security information and event management, SIEM for short, is a solution that helps organizations detect, analyze, and respond to security threats before they harm business operations.

SIEM, pronounced “sim,” combines both security information management (SIM) and security event management (SEM) into one security management system. SIEM technology collects event log data from a range of sources, identifies activity that deviates from the norm with real-time analysis, and takes appropriate action.

In short, SIEM gives organizations visibility into activity within their network so they can respond swiftly to potential cyberattacks and meet compliance requirements.

In the past decade, SIEM technology has evolved to make threat detection and incident response smarter and faster with artificial intelligence.

Security information & event management

What can a SIEM offer?

User Behavior Analytics

Identify anomalies, aiding threat detection and proactive security measures for abnormal user behaviors in security solutions.

Centralized logs collection

Gather and store event logs from various sources centrally for deeper analysis.

Custom Rules Creation

Utilize custom rules to detect suspicious activities and trigger alerts for abnormal behavior.

Machine learning for out-layer detection

Apply machine learning techniques to detect abnormal behavior patterns and identify potential threats.

Log retention up to 365 days

Secure logs for compliance and historical analysis, supporting robust security practices with log retention up to 365 days.

Advanced Investigation Platform

Benefit from an advanced platform to conduct thorough investigations of security incidents and analyze data in detail.

Cloud Security Monitoring

Continuously monitor your cloud environment to detect suspicious activities, behavioral anomalies, and intrusion attempts.

Network Traffic Analysis

Detect threats and enable rapid incident response through continuous analysis of network traffic monitoring solutions.

Threat hunting across all data

Enhance security posture by actively searching for potential threats, enabling proactive threat hunting across all data sources.

Customizable Dashboards

Provide actionable security intelligence with customizable views, offering tailored dashboards for real-time insights and analytics.

Advanced Analytics

Enhance security operations with advanced analytics capabilities, leveraging rapid threat detection and response mechanisms.

Why use a SIEM ?

Centralized Visibility

Centralized Visibility

Offers holistic visibility across multiple security layers, including endpoints, networks, emails, and cloud environments, for enhanced threat detection.

Security team more productive

Security team more productive

Utilizes advanced correlation and analysis techniques to detect suspicious activities, anomalies, and potential security threats in real-time.

Compliance Monitoring

Compliance Monitoring

Helps organizations adhere to regulatory requirements by providing monitoring, reporting, and alerting capabilities for security events.

Incident Response

Incident Response

Facilitates rapid incident response through automated alerting, workflow management, and integration with security tools, reducing response times and minimizing impact.

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