Endpoint Detection & Response

A robust cybersecurity solution focused on detecting and responding to advanced threats targeting endpoints.

What is EDR ?

EDR, or Endpoint Detection and Response is a solution specifically focused on detecting and responding to threats at the endpoint level. It monitors activities in real-time, detects suspicious or malicious behaviors, and provides response features to neutralize threats. enhancing overall endpoint security defenses.

What can an EDR offer?

All NG-AV capabilities

Combine NGAV capabilities: AI malware prevention, ransomware protection, canary-based detections, behavior-based defense.

Second layer rule detection

Implement an additional layer of rule-based detection mechanisms to enhance the identification and response to security threats.

Machine learning for out-layer detection

Utilize machine learning for precise outlier detection and anomaly identification.

Advanced behavior-based detection

Utilize advanced behavior-based detection for proactive threat identification and mitigation.

Advanced investigation platform

Access an advanced investigation platform for in-depth analysis and response

Threat intelligence integration

Incorporate threat intelligence for proactive threat detection and response strategies.

Real-time incident notification

Receive instant notifications about security incidents as they occur in real-time.

30 days retention

Retain security data for up to 30 days to facilitate thorough investigation and analysis of incidents.

Benefits of EDR ?

Threat Visibility

Provides granular visibility into endpoint activities, allowing for early threat detection across the network.

Incident Response Automation

Automates response actions to quickly contain and mitigate security incidents, reducing manual intervention and response times.

Behavioral Analytics

Utilizes advanced analytics to detect anomalous behavior and indicators of compromise (IOCs) indicative of sophisticated threats.

Forensic Capabilities

Offers detailed forensic analysis capabilities, enabling security teams to investigate incidents thoroughly and understand attack methodologies for better prevention in the future.

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With Inovaguard EDR, you can:

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Investigate and remediate security incidents.
Utilize advanced techniques for threat detection.
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