Managed Detection & Response

Your organization's proactive cybersecurity ally. We offer continuous monitoring, rapid threat detection, thorough investigation, and swift response to keep your digital assets safe from evolving cyber threats.

What is MDR ?

Our expert analysts combine technology with human expertise, swiftly identifying and limiting the impact of threats through threat hunting, monitoring, and response, delivering insightful reports for proactive protection seamlessly integrating with endpoints, SIEM, XDR, and cloud security for enhanced threat detection and rapid incident response across diverse environments.

What can an MDR offer?

24/7 Threat monitoring and support.

Benefit from continuous threat monitoring and round-the-clock support to detect and respond to security incidents.

Incident Investigation and Response

Conduct thorough investigations of security incidents and implement appropriate response measures to mitigate threats.

Threat intelligence integration

Integrate threat intelligence sources to enhance proactive threat detection and strengthen response capabilities.

Threat hunting

Proactively search for and identify potential security threats within your environment to preemptively address them.

Advanced AI-Based Use Cases

Utilize advanced artificial intelligence capabilities to develop and deploy sophisticated use cases for threat detection and response.

Incident Response Playbooks

Develop and implement incident response playbooks to streamline response processes and ensure consistent and effective incident handling.

Fast response

Swift response to detected threats for effective mitigation and containment.

Custom Rules Creation

Utilize custom rules to detect suspicious activities and trigger alerts for abnormal behavior.

Why use an MDR ?

Continuous Monitoring

Provides 24/7 monitoring of networks, endpoints, and data to detect and respond to threats in real-time.

Threat Hunting

Proactively hunts for threats using advanced techniques such as behavior analysis, anomaly detection, and threat intelligence.

Security Experts

Our experienced team of cybersecurity professionals is dedicated to safeguarding your organization. You can rely on our expertise to navigate the ever-changing threat landscape effectively

Incident Response Support

Offers immediate incident response support and guidance to contain and remediate security incidents effectively, minimizing potential damage and downtime.

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With Inovaguard MDR, you can:

Block commonly used exploit techniques.
Conduct comprehensive incident investigation and response.
Leverage threat intelligence for proactive detection..
Perform advanced threat hunting for better security.
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