Next-Generation Antivirus

Powered by AI to deliver advanced detection and protection against malware and ransomeware attacks.

What is NGAV ?

NGAV, or Next-Gen Antivirus, is your cybersecurity ally! Powered by AI, beyond traditional defense mechanisms, the NGAV offers advanced ransomware protection, canary-based detections, behavior-based protection, and safeguards against malicious activities, – even offline.

What can an NGAV offer?

AI-based malware prevention

Our NGAV employs advanced artificial intelligence to detect and block malware threats in real-time, providing proactive protection against the latest attacks.

Ransomware prevention

By identifying and blocking unauthorized encryption attempts on critical files we offer robust protection against ransomware attacks

Canary-based detections

By strategically placing decoys throughout your network, we detect suspicious activities and take preventive measures to ensure your data’s safety.

Malicious behavior prevention

By continuously monitoring for suspicious behaviors on your network and swiftly block any malicious activity. Whether it’s data exfiltration attempts or abnormal behavior, we’re here to keep you protected.

Memory threat protection

We offer protection against attacks targeting your system’s memory, ensuring that your sensitive data remains out of reach from cybercriminals.

Credential hardening (Windows)

By fortifying your operating system’s credentials, we reduce the risk of exploitation by malicious actors.

Centralized alerts view

Our user-friendly interface allows you to monitor all suspicious activities from a single location, simplifying security management.

Real-time alert notification

Stay informed of threats in real-time with our instant alert notifications. You’ll be alerted as soon as suspicious activity is detected.

Why use an NGAV ?

Advanced Threat Detection

Identifies and blocks sophisticated threats like zero-day attacks and file-less malware.

Behavioral Analysis

Monitors and analyzes software behavior to detect and prevent malicious activities in real-time.

Endpoint Protection

Offers comprehensive security for endpoints such as computers and servers, reducing vulnerabilities across the network.

Centralized Management

Provides centralized visibility and control over security policies, updates, and threat intelligence, streamlining security management tasks.

Get Started with INOVAGARD NGAV

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With Inovaguard NGAV, you can:

Identifiy and blocks sophisticated threats.
Use deep learning to detect new and unknown malware and exploits.
Stop ransomware attacks before they spread.
Detect and prevent malicious activities in real-time.
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